"do human beings ever realize life while they live it?"

thornton wilder


the not-so-short of it

the way you duet is daria johnson-green - that's me!! - a natural light lifestyle photographer specializing in families and portraits. i am a hybrid shooter - meaning i shoot with both digital and traditional film cameras - and in case you haven't noticed, i have an active love affair with black and white photography.

my style is intimate and nostalgic and my aim is to document the connections that bind.

a baltimore native, i share a home with my husband, rob, my son, ade, as well as our two dogs, bella and ashe.

. . . . .

the not-so-long of it

the way you duet was created out of my desire to capture people being their authentic selves; to nurture that unbridled sincerity with love and capture it through photography.

i know, i know, it sounds like a lot but in actuality, it isn't.

it's you and me with a camera, documenting your unscripted moments: it's in those moments where you're encouraged to let your hair down, remember who you are and what you love most about the ones you care unconditionally about.

whether it be a family session or wedding, i would love to be invited into your world: to experience the connection between you and yours and make photographs that will never let you forget.

a little more about moi ;)

i'm the girl that uses EVERY crayon in the box;
that loves the smell of flowers and keeps them long after they die;
that prefers a french press to a keurig because the coffee DOES actually tastes better;
that gets my superpowers from walking barefoot, puddle splashing and hugging strangers; (oh, and cake!)
that realizes i'm a little loony but couldn't be more fine with that ;)
(and i most definitely will encourage to do the same)

my instafeed | travelin' (wo)man

you can find me on instragram @dariajohnson